Savage Data Systems (SDS) is a stable company that has been in business since 1980 building solutions for the Electricity and Natural Gas sectors. SDS is a privately held company located in North Bay, Ontario. It has no parent, subsidiaries or other affiliated corporations, partnerships or organizations. SDS has 13 employees, 12 of who are devoted to application development and support and none are unionized. SDS enjoys a very low turnover (only one employee in the last three years has left). We offer a dedicated and experienced team to assist you with all your solution needs.

Savage Data Building
Savage Data Systems
500 Algonquin Ave,
North Bay, Ontario
P1B 4W7

Telephone: 705.495.6359
Fax: 705.497.0812

Savage Data Systems has a dedicated help desk complete with a ticket system and a support/development team which can be accessed via email or phone.

Did You Know?

Savage Data Systems has ongoing relationships with over 40 LDCs (Local Distribution Companies) and Retailers.

SDS provides custom and packaged solutions to the electricity, and natural gas sectors.

Our average LDC customer services 44,000 consumers, and our largest utility client represents a customer base of 340,000 residential customers.

Our building at 500 Algonquin was built in 1920. Vic Virgilli and the Laurentian Valley boys practiced here in the 1950s.

Our backup generator can power the entire building for over 48 hours.

Savage Data has been in business since 1980.

Savage Data is fully prepared for Y3k.

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