"I also wanted to mention another success story for the Smart Look map. Yesterday a short rain and wind storm rolled through our territory. Two outages occurred due to wet vegetation near lines (~100 customers) and a broken switch/cutout (12 customers). The SmartLook displayed the outage alarms and we rolled the trucks immediately. The outages were repaired within 17 minutes and 35 minutes respectively from start of the outage. Because of SmartLook, we noticed the problem and restored power before a single customer called in. We were very surprised that not a single customer called in to let us know about the outages."

Did You Know?

Savage Data Systems has ongoing relationships with over 40 LDCs (Local Distribution Companies) and Retailers.

SDS provides custom and packaged solutions to the electricity, and natural gas sectors.

Our average LDC customer services 44,000 consumers, and our largest utility client represents a customer base of 340,000 residential customers.

Our building at 500 Algonquin was built in 1920. Vic Virgilli and the Laurentian Valley boys practiced here in the 1950s.

Our backup generator can power the entire building for over 48 hours.

Savage Data has been in business since 1980.

Savage Data is fully prepared for Y3k.


"Thank you very much!! As always, you guys do amazing work!"


Thank you for asking for my input. It’s great to hear that you are considering additional features.


I just wanted to let you know that the Savage OMS helped us catch a property owner who pulled their meter without us or the Electrical Safety Authority. They caused damage to the meter and meter base but we would not have known without the OMS. Since we don’t walk up to the meters each month, it would have been awhile until we noticed the meter seal was cut. This is the second time the Savage Alarms and OMS has assisted us in catching unauthorized “meter pulling”. (And possibly illegal electrical work)


Have I told you lately just how AWESOME you are!!!


Thanks Randy! You’re THE BEST!