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Savage Data Systems provides an electronic data management and transaction service that allows electricity retailers and local hydro companies to communicate. Therefore, allowing retailers to offer competitive rates to consumers. "One way of describing an EBT Hub would be to compare it to a centralized mailbox system, similar to e-mail, but more secure".

​Savage Data Systems has also developed a software product geared toward the natural gas market. This product is compliant with the GDAR standards and is based on the “Hosted Point” concept.

​Savage Data Systems is a Certified EBT Hub Hosting Service provider for the electricity market and has provided hosted EBT Services since 2002.

Savage Data Systems provides hosts EBT Services (Retailer - LDC communications):

We provide an easy to use set of tools including:
•    Spoke software
•    EBT Viewer 
•    EBT Desktop

The Hub deals directly with the EBT Spokes and does not rely on IIS (Internet Information Server) or any Web Server, which significantly improves speed, reliability and security.

Savage Data Systems Hub is also capable of supporting two EBT versions simultaneously which simplifies deployment of new versions of EBT standards.

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