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Savage Data Systems’ Centralized Billing Support & Settlement System (CBSS): empowers each utility with the ability to bill confidently and with accuracy. CBSS is a safe, locked application that can confirm your settlement statements and proactively find differences in meter and market data.

CBSS Key Features include:
Data Management: 

•    Automatically harvest all your market settlement reports and statement files as they are published
•    Collection and storage of interval data from distribution network and individual customers
•    Validation of market statements and charges
•    View and validate your market specific data sets as they are pulled into the system

Data Aggregation:
•    View data for your premises aggregated in a detailed breakdown
•    Look through wholesale grid supply points and their corresponding meters with calculated losses
•    Comprehensive meter and system load aggregation and comparisons

Calculated Load Profile Management:
•    NSLS calculation and extensive contributing channel break downs
•    View historical changes to your profiles and break down contributors
•    Store and calculate system losses

Data Extracts:
•    Extracts designed to interface with 3rd party CIS/billing systems.
•    Reports and outputs to assists with embedded generation
•    Reports to aid with regulatory form submissions and statement validation
•    Support of exporting meter and pricing data for further analysis in user friendly formats

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